The innovative EG AVANCE controllers are based on a new, improved hardware platform, working under the control of a real time system. All commands are handled without buffer delays and processing times are measured in hundredths of a second. EG AVANCE comes in 4 versions and is designed for 4/6/8-cylinder engines.

  • EG AVANCE 32.4
  • EG AVANCE 48.4
  • EG AVANCE 48.6
  • EG AVANCE 48.8

EG AVANCE 32.4 is enclosed in a composite housing with a single 32-pin Molex automotive connector.

The EG AVANCE 48 series is enclosed in an aluminium housing with a 48-pin Molex automotive connector and has a vent valve that prevents condensation on the control PCB.

Both aluminium and composite enclosures guarantee strength and resistance to extreme temperatures.

The software and design of EG AVANCE controllers allow to connect LAMBDA probes (EG AVANCE 32.4 – one probe, EG AVANCE 48 series – two probes) and to establish communication with the vehicle’s OBD, which significantly facilitates system diagnostics. All versions are equipped with an additional petrol injection function during operation on gas, which increases the protection of the engine when driving under heavy loads.

The controller software provides the possibility of calibration via Bluetooth and WiFi, so that the device can communicate wirelessly with a computer or other mobile device with the installed EG MOVI application.

  • Automatic software updates.
  • Installation inspection reminder.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi support.
  • Active Diagram Mode – interactive calibration mode.
  • Automatic tuning with the switch button, without the need to connect a PC.
  • Self-adapting multiplier.
  • Calibration assistant.
  • Audible indication of operating errors.
  • Continuous map collection.
  • Optional RPM cable connection.
  • ECU lockout can be set after a certain period of use.
  • Time control of fuel pump shutdown.
  • External dimensions EG AVANCE 32.4: 124 x 150 x 38 mm.
  • External dimensions EG AVANCE 48: 124 x 150 x 38 mm.
  • Load test (road dynamometer, power and torque measurement).
  • Program change of the order of injectors.
  • Oscilloscope of petrol and gas injection signals.
  • Start&Stop system support.
  • Valvetronik system operation.
  • Automatic detection of OBD protocols.
  • Deletion of OBD errors from a button (on request).
  • Automatic resetting of OBD errors.
  • Function of quick changeover to gas.
  • Programmable switch button function.
  • Forcing a gas start.
  • Heating of gas injectors.
  • Number of connectable LAMBDA probes: 2.
  • Aluminium housing.
  • EG AVANCE 32.4 connection: 32 PIN.
  • EG AVANCE 48 connection: 48 PIN.
  • Approval: E8 67R-01 4709, E8 110R-00 4710, E8 10 R-03 6704.