The reducer is a key element of every LPG gas installation. The task of the reducer is to change the LPG state from the liquid to the volatile phase and to reduce and maintain the set gas pressure at the outlet, regardless of the current engine load.
The single-stage EG SUPREMO 400HP reducer is one of the most innovative solutions available on the LPG market, it is intended for all cars with engines up to 400 HP. The use of the Cut-Off Block System eliminates the effect of gas pressure excess during engine braking. Heating of the filter chamber ensures stable thermal characteristics of the reducer and partial gas evaporation already in the filter chamber. Thanks to this, we achieve an increase in efficiency and an improvement in the pressure stability of the reducer. Due to its construction, the reducer ensures the appropriate gas temperature even at extremely low ambient temperatures, which is confirmed by the results of approval tests.
Rotating connection elbows enable easy installation of the device in practically any car. The kit includes a mounting bracket.

  • LPG reducer integrated with the solenoid valve.
  • LPG liquid phase heating.
  • Heated filter compartment.
  • Universal filter cartridge.
  • Working pressure range: 0.9 – 1.3 bar.
  • Gas inlet ø8 thread M12x1.
  • Approval: E20 67R-01 1053
  • Gas outlet connection ø16.
  • Inlet manifold pressure connection ø4.
  • Heating fluid connections ø16.
  • Rotary connection nozzles.
  • Screw-in temperature sensor 4k7, thread M5.
  • Housing made of die-cast aluminum.
  • Working temperature: from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C.