Modern changeover switch EG Carburetor is designed to allow carburetor and electronic injection vehicles converted to gas fuel supply (LPG or CNG) to switch from one fuel to another smoothly. Moment of switching between fuels can be adjusted depending on actual requirements. It has built-in safety device and full LED indication of operating conditions and gas reserves left in the tank.

Technical specification

  • Can be used on carburetor or injection vehicles converted to LPG or CN.
    Assembled in latest SMD technology. No mechanical relays – better reliability and endurance.
  • Automated or manual fuel switching process.
  • Works with wide range of gas level sensors (EG HLS sensor 0-5V, 0 – 90 Ω ascending/ descending, 0 – 50 kΩ ascending / descending, reserve sensor).
  • All parameters can be programmed with usage of switch button from front panel – no DIP switches or trimmers used.
  • Built-in: safety device with cut off function after engine stop.

Technical Materials