EG INJECTO DUO is a sequential gas injection system for cars with 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines with dual petrol injection system, i.e. having both MPI and direct petrol injection.

Gas is supplied to the intake manifold, with the use of 3 or 4 gas injectors, depending on the number of vehicle engine cylinders. The innovative auto-calibration and mapping algorithm enables quick and intuitive system tuning in a way similar to the calibration method of the standard EG INJECTO 48.4 system. With proper tuning of the system, the transition between changing gasoline injection strategies is imperceptible during driving on gas, while maintaining the vehicle’s performance as when supply the engine with gasoline.

The oscilloscope built into the controller enables quick identification of the input signals and verification of the correctness of the connections made.
The system consists of two controllers connected with each other by a communication cable: the gas injection controller EG INJECTO 48.4 DUO and the indirect injection system emulator EG INJECTO 24.4 MPI, which enables the correct emulation of MPI petrol injector signals when the engine is running on gas.

  • Support for 3-cylinder vehicles (3 DI electromagnetic petrol injectors + 3 MPI petrol injectors) and 4-cylinder vehicles (4 DI electromagnetic petrol injectors + 4 MPI petrol injectors).
  • Automated, simplified installation tuning using OBD readings.
  • Continuous recording and monitoring of the percentage of gasoline while driving on gas.
  • Possibility of automatic erasing of OBD errors of the petrol controller.
  • Support for cars with the START / STOP function. Cooperation with the parameter recorder connected to the diagnostic connector of the installation.
  • Built-in high pressure fuel (HPS) and low fuel pressure (LPS) emulator.
  • Working temperature -40… +120 degrees C.
  • UN ECE approvals for compliance with LPG and CNG.
  • Approval: E7 110R-01 01072 2, E7 67R01 01072 30