EuropeGas sterownik sekwencyjnego wtrysku gazu EG BASICO


The smallest of the family of EG sequential gas injection controllers. Advanced LPG injection control algorithms, combined with a simple configuration mode, guarantee stable operation and maintenance-free operation of the entire gas supply system, which transla

EG BASICO is characterised by an extremely simplified assembly process. We have a choice of two controller versions. EG BASICO 24.4 supports engines up to 4 cylinders and EG BASICO 32.6 is used in engines up to 6 cylinders. EG BASICO does not require the connection of the ignition cable and the engine speed, and the auto adaptor function continuously monitors the engine to ensure that it receives the optimum gas supply at all times.

The controller software provides the possibility of communication via Bluetooth or WiFi, so that the device can communicate wirelessly with a computer or other mobile device with the installed EG MOVI application.

OBD communication via external ELM327 interface is also possible.

  • Automatic software updates.
  • Installation inspection reminder.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi support.
  • Active Diagram Mode – interactive calibration mode.
  • Automatic tuning with the switch button, without the need to connect a PC.
  • Self-adapting multiplier.
  • Calibration assistant.
  • Audible indication of operating errors.
  • No need to connect the engine speed cable.
  • No need to connect the “ignition” cable.
  • Number of connectable LAMBDA probes: 0.
  • Small dimensions: 110 x 91 x 32 mm.
  • Connector: 24 PIN.
  • Composite housing.
  • Approval: E8 67R-01 4709, E8 110R-00 4710, E8 10 R-03 6704.