EuropeGas Sterownik EG AVANCE 48.4 dual jet


The EG AVANCE 48.4 DUAL JET controller was developed to enable the conversion to LPG or CNG of vehicles with 3- and 4-cylinder engines equipped with the “Dual MPI” indirect injection system. In these cars, two petrol injectors located in the intake manifold are responsible for feeding fuel to a single cylinder.

Modern cars with indirect injection are equipped with such engines, e.g. Suzuki, Nissan (a pair of petrol injectors on each cylinder is controlled by a separate signal) and Kia, Hyundai (each injector is controlled individually).

EG AVANCE 48.4 DUAL JET calculates the dose of gasoline supplied by petrol injectors in such a way that when fueled with gas, each individual cylinder of engine is supplied with only one single gas injector.

This solution significantly simplifies the conversion of this type of engines, as it eliminates the need to perform additional drilling in the intake manifold, to double the number of gas injectors, or to use external gasoline injection emulators.

Gas controller’s possibility of communicating with a wide range of OBD protocols improves process car calibration and enables viewing the OBD parameters of interest in real time and erasing OBD errors. The controller also has the ability to inject gasoline under load and disconnect the fuel pump as a function of time.

The software enables wireless communication via Bluetooth and WiFi from a Windows PC or a mobile device based on Android with the EG MOVI application installed.

  • Support for “Dual MPI”, Valvetronik/Valvematik/Multiair engines
  • Additional injection of function under load.
  • Programmable change of gas injectors order
  • Optional RPM cable connection.
  • Start&Stop system support.
  • Load test function (road dynamometer, power and torque measurement).
  • Control of turning off the fuel pump as a function of time after switching to gas.
  • Possibility to set an ECU lock after a certain period of use.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection support.
  • Remember function – forced start from gas.
  • Automatic clearing of OBD errors.
  • Automotive aluminum housing with vent valve.
  • External dimensions: 124 x 150 x 38 mm.
  • Connector: Molex 48-pin.
  • Approval: E8 67R-01 4709, E8 110R-00 4710, E8 10 R-03 6704.