Microprocessor based gas injection controller, equipped with Self-Adaptive System (SAS). It is mainly destined for modern cars, which have technologically advanced OBDII system however it might be also used in older types of cars.

Technical specification

  • Very small waterproof case with dimensions 135 x 109 [mm] (in 4,6 or 8 cylinder version) with hermetic AMP/Tyco connector.
  • Very fast Central Processing Unit 120 MHz.
  • Built-in petrol injection emulator with resistance of 100 Ohm.
  • Enable to connect and read the parameters of two Lambda probes.
  • Separate wire from ECU harness to cut-off petrol fuel pump circuit after changeovered into gas with programmable time delay.
  • Feature of filtering petrol injector pre-pulses (extra-injections).
  • „Exit from cut-off on petrol” feature (from over high gas pressure during cut-off conditions).
  • Feature of „full-injection opening mode” for chip tuned cars with petrol injectors constantly opened during very high loads.
  • Auto-adaptation feature ensures that during the driving on gas multiplier line is being automatically corrected within desired ranges (tolerance in %) in places on the map where petrol and gas lines are not close enough to each other (works even without connected PC).
  • OSCAR-N PLUS SAS has all the functionalities of OSCAR-N MINI SAS and more.