System designed for Diesel engines in order to reduce fuel costs. More economy achived by partial replacement of Diesel fuel by LPG/CNG (up to 50% of substitution). Calibration is realized by reducing the engine power obtained from Diesel fuel (reduction of Diesel fuel dosage by emulating the fuel injection pressure and/or emulation of the accelerator pedal position), and then full power recovery by the injection of an appropriate amount of gas. Control of engine power is possible thanks to built-in algorithms of road dynamometer.

Technical specification

  • Built-in Common Rail fuel pressure emulator.
  • Automatic collection of knock values maps on Diesel only and on Diesel with Gas.
  • System is automatically correcting the amount in function of vibrations and exhaust temperature.
  • Automatic correction of gas injection opening times depending on TPS, RPM, MAP and gas temperature.
  • CAN BUS line on-board to connect with vehicle’s OBD.
  • System can control up to 8 gas injectors at the same time independently.
  • Protection from too high RPM signal, too high exhaust temperature and too high uncontrolled knocking during combustion process.
  • Possibility of measuring engine power and torque without use of chassis dynamometer.
  • Built-in events recorder with possibility of usage Real Time Clock

Technical Materials

For more informations please contact: diesel@europegas.pl