The World’s first sequential gas injection controller integrated with Timing Advance Processor device (TAP). Single ECU controls the gas injection and advances the vehicle’s ignition simultaneously. This unique solution is a result of merging OSCAR-N OBD CAN SAS with EG-DYNAMIC Timing Advance Processor . It ensures better engine performance, improves driving dynamics and makes driving more economical.

Technical specification

  • Suitable for cars up to 4-cylinders.
  • Possibility of introducing gas injection time corrections according to fuel trim parameters read from OBD (K-line and CAN type protocols supported).
  • Possibility of connecting two voltage type oxygene sensors and separate wire to disconnect fuel pump at the same time.
  • Measurement of engine power and torque on the road (without usage of chassis dynamometer).
  • Feature of extra-injection of petrol while working on gas.
  • Possibility of automated system autocalibration by single pressing the switch button.
  • Simplified step-by-step configuration wizard.
  • Very easy way of installation and configuration of the device supported by one simplified, user friendly software with modern autocalibration and RPM signal autodetection (now signal can be taken directly from petrol injector plug).
  • Enable to scan and view of petrol injectors signal waveform.
  • Scanning, learning and supporting crankshaft and camshaft signals shifting for various engines (one inductive sensor and up to two digital sensors simultaneously).
  • Possibility of a dynamic change of the ignition angle, depending on the: engine speed, the TPS position and the MAP signals values simultaneously.
  • Flexible adjustment of TAP activation moment.
  • Changeover switch for 4-pin plug integrated with buzzer with self-adjustable illumination level.
  • Possibility of automatic OBD errors erasing during engine start.