HP 0
Car power
- 0 °C


EG SUPREMO reducer is designed for the cars with high power engines. Cut-Off Block System eliminates gas overgrowth effect during engine braking. Its design provides appropriate gas temperature even in extremely low outside temperatures.

Technical specification

  • Reducer integrated with solenoid valve
  • LPG liquid phase heating
  • Filter chamber heating
  • Universal filter cartridge
  • Working pressure range: 0,9-1,3 bar
  • Gas inlet ø8 thread M12X1
  • Gas outlet ø16
  • Intake manifold pressure nozzle ø4
  • Heating liquid elbows ø16
  • Rotary connection elbows
  • Integrated 4k7 temperature sensor
  • Casing made of aluminium die cast

The certificate of approval

Technical Materials

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