EG SUPERIOR is the most technologicaly advanced line of EG controllers. It is the effect of longstanding observations, experiences and studies made by EuropeGAS Research&Development Department.

Warranty: 5 years

Built-in Timing Advance Processor

Number of cylinders supported: 4

External dimensions: 124 x 150 x 38 mm

Connector: 48 PIN

Housing: Aluminum

Technical specification

  • Number of possible LAMBDA connectable: 2
  • Automatic software updates
  • Remining of installation service inspection
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection supported
  • Active Diagram Mode – interactive calibration mode
  • Automated tuning by pressing the switch buton without need
    of establishing connection with the PC
  • Automatic adaptation of multiplier
  • Calibration assistant
  • Sound signaling when system errors occur
  • Continuous maps collection
  • No need for connecting the RPM wires
  • Optimized extra petrol injection
  • Ability to block ECU configuration after a certain period of use
  • Disengagement control of the fuel pump as a function of tim
  • Engine load test (road dyno, measuring power and torque)
  • Programmable change of the injectors order
  • Oscilloscope of petrol and gas injection signals
  • Start&Stop system supported
  • Valvetronik system supported
  • Automated OBD errors erasing
  • OBD errors erasing by pressing switch buton (on request)
  • Automated OBD errors erasing
  • Fast changeover to LPG/CNG
  • Customizable function of holding the button
  • Automated forced start on gas
  • Pre-heating of LPG/CNG injectors
  • Built-in Timing Advance Processor