High pressure synthetic hose EG Flex with couplings is dedicated for usage in automotive LPG systems as the equivalent of traditional copper pipe.

Technical specification

  • There are two types of Flexible Thermoplastic Hose: FTH D6 (internal diameter 5,0 mm / external diameter 9,6 mm) and FTH D8 (internal diameter 6,5 mm /external diameter 12,2 mm), which are equivalent to a copper pipe outside diameter, respectively 6 mm and 8 mm.
  • Flexible, easy to profiling thermoplastic hoses significantly facilitates a work of gas system installer.
  • Chemical resistance and high integrity, thanks to the plastic inner layer.
  • Excellent flexibility, the allowable level of pressure and increased resistance to mechanical damage, thanks to the middle layer of braided strong thread.
  • Increased resistance to external damage and chafing.
  • Much less polluted gas fuel system filters in the car.
  • Thermoplastic hose is available in coils of 25 m and in pieces of 2 m and 6 m equipped with assembled couplings.
  • ECE approval numbers: FTH D6: E20 67R-011023; FTH D8: E20 67R-011024

Coupling types

Available couplings: 180°, 135°, 90°


Opisy oznaczeń

xKyyy-Dz – “x” – zewnętrzna średnica końcówki złączki (6 lub 8 mm), “Ky” – kąt w stopniach (0, 90 lub 1350), “Dz” – pasujący typ przewodu FTH (6 lub 8 mm) – przykład: 8K90-D8