Small&Smart gas controller. EG AVANCE line joins the simplicity of EG BASICO, and innovative funcitions, becoming an answer for constantly growing automotive demands.

Was enclosed in an aluminum housing with 48-pin connector and the venting valve to prevent condensation.

Warranty: 5 years

Number of cylinders supported: 4/6/8

External dimensions: 124 x 150 x 38 mm

Connector: 48 PIN

Housing: Aluminum

Technical specification

  • Number of possible LAMBDA connectable: 2
  • Automatic software updates
  • Remining of installation service inspection
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection supported
  • Active Diagram Mode – interactive calibration mode
  • Automated tuning by pressing the switch buton without need
    of establishing connection with the PC
  • Automatic adaptation of multiplier
  • Calibration assistant
  • Sound signaling when system errors occur
  • Continuous maps collection
  • No need for connecting the RPM wires
  • Optimized extra petrol injection
  • Ability to block ECU configuration after a certain period of use
  • Disengagement control of the fuel pump as a function of tim
  • Engine load test (road dyno, measuring power and torque)
  • Programmable change of the injectors order
  • Oscilloscope of petrol and gas injection signals
  • Start&Stop system supported
  • Valvetronik system supported
  • Automated OBD errors erasing
  • OBD errors erasing by pressing switch buton (on request)
  • Automated OBD errors erasing
  • Fast changeover to LPG/CNG
  • Customizable function of holding the button
  • Automated forced start on gas
  • Pre-heating of LPG/CNG injectors