Modern gas controller EG AVANCE 32 has been founded on upgraded hardware platform and now works under control of real-time operating system. All the tasks are being handled as they come in, typically without buffering delays. Processing time requirements are measured in tenths of seconds or shorter. Reduction of ECU size enables to extend the functionalities of controller and pack everything into one small box with single 32-pin automotive molex connector.

Warranty: 3 years

Number of supported cylinders: 4

External dimensions 120 x 99 x 36 mm

Connector: 32 PIN

Housing: Composite

Technical specification

  • Suitable for cars having up to 4 cylinders.
  • Possibility of introducing gas injection time corrections according to fuel trim parameters read from OBD (K-line and CAN type protocols supported).
  • Possibility of connecting single voltage type oxygene sensor and separate wire to disconnect fuel pump at the same time.
  • Measurement of engine power and torque on the road (without usage of chassis dynamometer).
  • Feature of extra-injection of petrol while working on gas.
  • Possibility of automated system autocalibration by single pressing the switch button.
  • Simplified step-by-step configuration wizard.
  • Very easy way of installation and configuration of the device thanks to simplified, user friendly software with new, improved autocalibration and RPM signal autodetection (now signal can be taken directly from petrol injector plug).
  • Scanning and preview petrol injectors waveform.
  • Upgraded algorithm of system self-adaptation during the drive.
  • Changeover switch for 4-pin plug integrated with buzzer with self-adjustable illumination level.
  • Possibility of automatic OBD errors erasing during engine start.