The ABS400KPA sensor is designed for all LPG and CNG injection systems manufactured by EuropeGAS. The device measures gas pressure and temperature in the gas track and absolute pressure in the intake manifold. The sensor ensures high accuracy of measurements, regardless of the flow rate, temperature or gas pressure. The MAP sensor uses modern, high quality, precise pressure sensors and other electronic components from renowned manufacturers.

  • Working voltage range: 9-16 V (nominal 12 V).
  • Pressure sensor output voltage 0-5 V.
  • Measuring range of pressure sensors: 0-400 kPa.
  • Maximum overload capacity of pressure sensors: 1,600 kPa.
  • Temperature sensor type NTC 4k7.
  • Super tight connector type AMP (5 pins).
  • Operating temperature range of gas sensor from -25°C to +120ºC.