EG Spinner is an innovative vapour phase filter with an interchangeable universal filter insert. The design of the filter enables it to operate in extreme ambient temperatures, which is confirmed by the results of approval tests. The DSFDouble Spin Force system used provides even greater efficiency in separating the oily fractions and other solids contained in the gaseous fuel, ensuring that only pure gas is supplied to the injectors.

Rotating connectors allow the filter to be mounted anywhere in the engine compartment. The kit includes a handle for easy installation and subsequent filter replacement. Regular filter cartridge changes guarantee correct and long-lasting operation of the gas system.

  • Polyester filtration material.
  • Filtration efficiency: 99% for 1 µm particles.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4.5 bar.
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +120ºC.
  • Diameter of the connectors: ø12 or ø16.
  • Dimensions in mm: 100 x 80 x 80.