The gas level sensor is a device that transmits information about the amount of LPG in the tank to the system controller and then to the fuel switch located in the vehicle cab. EG HLS is a non-contact gas level sensor with linear output voltage using the Hall effect.

Compatible with Tomasetto multivalves used for cylindrical, toroidal internal and external tanks.

It is compatible with EuropeGAS sequential systems. This element can also be used in other systems, where the controller cooperates with sensors working in the output signal range from 0 – 5 V at +12 V power supply.

  • Manufactured without using mechanical elements (higher reliability).
  • More precise gas level indication (in comparison with standard resistance sensors).
  • Very low power consumption (10-12 mA).
  • It is compatible with all controllers produced by EuropeGAS and many others available on the market.
  • Voltage value: 0 V – empty tank, 5 V – full tank.