Dedicated systems

From the very beginning, EuropeGAS Sp. z o.o. has focused on development and high quality of its products. Our research and development department is home to excellent professionals and enthusiasts who are involved in creating high-quality LPG and CNG components. It is thanks to their ideas and solutions that EuropeGas has been producing dedicated gas systems for SsangYong cars since 2016. The first commercial cooperation of EuropeGAS with the importer of Korean cars, SsangYong Motors Poland, resulted in the creation of LPG and CNG systems dedicated to SsangYong Tivoli, XLV and Korando petrol models. EuropeGAS LPG kits are available from all SsangYong dealers in Poland with a 5-year or 100,000 km guarantee on the system.

The team of specialists from EuropeGAS has also developed a proprietary direct injection solution for the SsangYong REXTON model. At EuropeGAS, we are prepared to cooperate with car corporations and dealer networks. We guarantee technical and marketing support to the entities cooperating with EuropeGAS. The electric wiring of the system enables the connection of the gas injection controller and the ignition advance variator.

The use of the ignition timing advance variator improves driving dynamics when the car is powered by CNG. 3 CNG tanks allowing to refuel about 16 kg of CNG mounted under the flat floor of the XLV boot provide a range of about 300 km while driving on natural gas.* The CNG refuelling valve is located under the petrol filler flap,
*In the Tivoli model there are 2 CNG tanks enabling to refuel about 10.5 kg of CNG, providing the range of about 200 km while driving on natural gas.

Our gas installation is also successfully installed in Subaru cars owing to the cooperation of our distributor in Spain. Currently, intensive work is being carried out on the system designed for Fiat Tipo. Dedicated LPG or CNG installations are not only the right choice of components for the system itself, but also the design and production of all necessary accessories for installation in a car.

Aluminium housing with Molex Automotive type connector meeting IP65 protection class. A built-in ventilation valve prevents moisture from settling in the controller.

Dedicated handles for reducer, filter, controller and injection strip allow installation to factory screws and handles.

Dedicated Plug&Play type wiring that does not require the intervention of an installer.

All connectors are terminated with plugs. The only soldered connection is two wires to the OBD connector.

All connectors are terminated with plugs. The only soldered connection is two wires to the OBD connector.

Profiled EPDM cables for cooling system in Korando and Tivoli. This eliminates cutting of the original vehicle hoses.

Remote technical support via Internet from the program level.

Special LPG tanks lighter by up to 30%.
Made of durable 2.2 mm thick sheet metal.

Built-in vehicle OBD parameters reader.

Control panel with dedicated software for emissions and performance. Possibility to review the performance at any moment owing to built-in chassis dynamometer module in the controller.

Guarantee of 5 years or 100,000 km of mileage for the entire EuropeGAS gas system.

Mobile technical and commercial consultants all over Poland.

Full set of LPG system components tailored to a specific vehicle model and engine type SsangYong Tivoli (G16DF) and Korando (G20DF).

Detailed installation instructions showing step by step how to install each element of the EuropeGAS gas system.

The refuelling valve is discreetly located under the fuel filler flap.