EuropeGAS wysokociśnieniowy przewód syntetyczny EG FLEX


EG Flex is a high-pressure synthetic hose with connectors, designed for automotive LPG systems. Owing to the use of the highest technology and high quality materials, it is an excellent alternative to copper hoses.

Flexible, easy to profile thermoplastic hoses make the work of the installer easier, which significantly reduces the time of LPG installation.

EG FLEX is characterized by high resistance to harmful weather conditions and temperature, and is resistant to chemical agents contained in gaseous fuel.

  • An alternative to copper pipe.
  • 2 types of FTH hose: D6 (internal diameter 5.0 mm / external diameter 9.6 mm) and D8 (internal diameter 6.5 mm / external diameter 12.2 mm), equivalent to a copper pipe with an external diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm respectively.
  • Flexible, easy to profile thermoplastic conductors for easy installation.
  • Resistance to chemicals and high integrity.
  • Reinforced inner tube layer with a plastic layer.
  • Excellent flexibility, increased maximum allowable gas pressure.
  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Increased resistance to external damage and abrasion.
  • Available in 25-metre-long coils and in 2-metre and 6-metre-long sections with connectors.
  • Approval numbers: FTH D6: E20 67R-01 1023; FTH D8: E20 67R-01 1024.