EG Detector is a very sensitive device, designed to detect and locate leaks in gas installations and equipment and to check the leakage of liquid gas cylinders. The structure of the meter is based on modern microprocessor technology. The detector meets the requirements for this type of equipment in the European Union. It is CE-marked. The simple way of operation allows for quick and precise location of leaks in the gas installation. The flexible 42 cm long probe allows quick access to hard-to-reach places. The device has an acoustic and optical signalling device for leak detection and a sensitivity knob for spot detection of even small leaks.

The meter is powered from three 1.5 V R14 type C alkaline batteries (included). The set also includes a sleeve and user manual in Polish. In accordance with the Journal of Laws No. 40 item 275 of the Regulation of the Minister of Transport and Construction of 10 February 2006 (on detailed requirements for stations carrying out vehicle technical inspections), a device of this type should be included in the equipment of each vehicle inspection station.

  • Sensor type: semiconductor.
  • Gases detected: natural gas, LNG methane,- methane mixtures, LPG propane,- propane-butane mixtures.
  • Sensitivity threshold 50 ppm, methane.
  • Operating temperature range 0 ÷ 50 [°C].
  • Alert: optical and ocoustic signal:
    – increasing sound frequency,
    – as the gas concentration increases,
    – detects from 10% LEL for Methane,
    – can be calibrated for other gas concentrations.
  • Storage temperature -10 ÷ 55 [°C].
  • Humidity 10 ÷ 90 [Rh] without condensation.
  • Manual sensitivity adjustment: smooth.
  • Battery life approx. 8 hours of continuous operation, depending on the type of battery used.
  • Preparation time <5 min.
  • Sampling method: continuous.
  • Power supply 4.5 V DC (three 1.5 V R14 type C alkaline batteries).
  • Dimensions 220 x 90 x 45 mm.
  • Flexible probe length 420 mm.
  • Weight 750 gram.
  • CE-marked.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Structure:
    – sensor housing,
    – flexible 42 cm probe,
    – alarm LED – red,
    – power LED – green,
    – power on/off switch (ON/OFF),
    – headphone jack,
    – sensitivity knob,
    – probe holder,
    – handle,
    – battery compartment.