Establishing OBD connection with gas controller enables reading all engine parameters, diagnostics, reading/deleting OBD errors from LPG controller software level without the necessity to use an external diagnostic scanner.

  • Adapter enables trouble-free plug-and-play connection of gas ECU wires to the vehicle’s OBDII socket without the need to solder them to the vehicle’s factory wires.
  • It allows for quick physical disconnection of the vehicle’s OBD communication with the gas controller in order to provide a diagnostic line for external OBD scanners.
  • The OBD adapter supports all popular OBD communication protocols using pins No. 7 (ISO 9141, KWP 2000 SLOW, KWP 2000 FAST), as well as 6 and 14 (CAN 250k 11b, CAN 250k 29b, CAN 500k 29b, CAN 500k 11b).
  • Available in 3 types of OBDII connectors allowing to use the adapter in a wide range of vehicles.