The smallest, microprocessor based, gas injection controller in the market equipped with Self-Adaptive System (SAS). It can be installed in multipoint injection vehicles having up to 4 cylinders. There are two versions of OSCAR-N Mini SAS:

LS version – with possibility of reading single lambda probe,

FP version – with possibility of fuel pump disconnection.

Technical specification

  • The world’s smallest waterproof case with dimensions 83 x 88 [mm] with hermetic waterproof 32-pin connector.
  • Fast Central Processing Unit 120 MHz.
  • Surge-protection solutions.
  • Full feedback diagnostic of gas injectors circuits.
  • Enable to connect and read the parameters of one Lambda probe (for OSCAR-N MINI SAS LS version).
  • Enable to cutting-off petrol fuel pump circuit after changeover to gas with programmable time delay (for OSCAR-N MINI SAS FP version).
  • Enable to start the vehicle directly on gas by holding switch button or automatically by enabling “Hot start mode”.
  • Possibility of reading RPM signal directly from ECU petrol injector wiring. No need to connect RPM cable.
  • Feature of filtering petrol injector pre-pulses (extra-injections).
  • Calculation of the multiplier value corrections can be done by single click on the „Calculate adjustments” button in the software after collecting petrol and gas maps.
  • Software makes possible to adjust parameters of fuel supply system in very large scale. Correction can be made due to vacuum in the intake manifold, regarding RPM level, gas temperature, and gas pressure. It is also possible to adjust mixture dosage for each cylinder separately and possible to preheat the gas injectors before changeover.
  • Auto-adaptation feature ensures that during the driving on gas multiplier line is being automatically corrected within desired ranges (tolerance in %) in places on the map where petrol and gas lines are not close enough to each other (works even without connected PC).
  • Possibility of enabling password protection to controller settings from unauthorized changes.
  • Automatic checking of the availability of controllers software updates through Internet.