List of changes in the EGCC v3.1.0 software/ firmware v4.10

  • Possibility of setting up a specific value on the map RPM/ms from the pop-up menu.
  • Automatic suggestion of using the Configuration Wizard during first start of the software.
  • Possibility of printing the contents of the Service bookmark and the results of power and torque tests.
  • Visualization of correction according to: gas pressure, gas temperature and reducer temperature.
  • Visualization of connection status and port number on which the application is trying to connect with ECU.
  • Load [%] as a conditional parameter for the events in EG BASICO24.
  • Possibility of setting an additive correction for each cylinder separately in EG BASICO24.
  • Function “Remember turned-off gas injectors” in EG BASICO24.
  • Function “Build-in gas injectors characteristics” in EG BASICO24.
  • Function “Remember start on gas” in EG BASICO24.
  • Function of testing petrol injectors emulators when solenoid valves are opened in EG BASICO24.
  • Function of petrol and gas injections overlapping during switchover in EG BASICO24.
  • Function of fuel pressure dropping through petrol injectors in EG BASICO24.
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