List of changes in the EGCC v4.8.0 software / firmware v5.15

  • Support for EG BASICO32.6 controller.
  • Advancing of gas injection sequence in order to improve driving dynamics on gas.
  • Possibility of tuning gas LEDs level indication by holding down the fuel switch button before filling up the gas tank.
  • Display the time remaining for switchover to gas on the fuel switch diodes.
  • Testing of executive elements the from level of software(eg. test of gas leakage, injectors, solenoid valves, switch, releasing gas from the system).
  • Improved OBD communication with ISO9141 / KWP2000 protocols (eg BMW cars).
  • Calculating and displaying in the software AFR value for both fuel types.
  • Support for “VAG” vehicles with engine work interruptions occurrence while driving on gas
  • Possibility of placing markers with descriptions when recording an oscilloscope file.
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