Compact gas injection controller.


Innovative gaseous phase filter.

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EuropeGAS Products

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Explore the technology power of EuropeGAS products!

  • LPG/CNG controllers (AVANCE and OSCAR serie).
  • Diesel/GAS controllers.
  • Injectors.
  • Gaseous phase filters.
  • Contactless gas level indicators.
  • Bluetooth interfaces and others.

EuropeGAS offices worldwide

With the development of our company we strive to be as close as possible to our customers.

 We are supported by the EU

  • Implementation of B2B system.
  • Equipment for R & D department.
  • New technology of autogas assembling.
  • Investment in innovative devices.
  • Innovative diagnostic station.
  • Purchase of a reflow oven with forced convection.
  • Purchase of a chassis dynamometer 4WD.
  • Trade fair in Teheran.
  • Trade fair in Mumbai.
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