We set ourselves goals.

We specialize in designing, assembling and manufacturing LPG/CNG systems. Our products feature such components as controllers, reducers, filters, injectors as well as other accessories needed to fit the systems in vehicles.

One of the key pillars of our company is our technical support and training department.

About EuropeGAS

Beginnings of EuropeGAS

The company was founded in Białystok where the headquarters, manufacturing plant and R&D department are located. We engage in designing and manufacturing LPG/CNG systems for petrol-fuelled and Diesel-fuelled engines, with the systems featuring such components as: electronic gas injection controllers, reducers, injectors, filters, MAP sensors, thermoplastic tubes as well as other accessories needed to fit the systems.

We now take pride in offering a complete front kit that includes a controller: EG BASICO, EG AVANCE or EG SUPERIOR with a built-in timing advance processor. The kit includes also an EG2000 injector and EG PREMO or EG SUPREMO reducer for higher-power engines.

LPG/CNG gas system manufacturer

Economy and eco-friendliness are features that auto gas fuel systems are usually described with. As a manufacturer of FRONT KITS, we can easily add to that reliability, robustness and safety, ensured by our engineers on all stages: from the idea through deployment to end-user experience.

Our products are available in 60 countries around the world. They can operate in all climate conditions and under extreme loads. Listening to our customers’ testimonies, we are able to constantly improve their quality as well as functionality.

Gas fuel company

Operating on the automotive market, we set the highest quality and innovation standards with our solutions. LPG/CNG systems, as fitted in vehicles, operate in harsh conditions and are subject to the same loads as factory-fitted systems. Hence, EuropeGAS products pass tests being more stringent than those required for homologation.

We compete against world’s largest LPG/CNG system manufacturers. Owing to the flexibility and agility we provide, our customers stay with us for years.


We pay a great deal of attention to user experience, specifically in workshops where quick, simple and intuitive assembly is of utmost importance. The way our products are designed, including the firmware and accessories, makes it possible to achieve higher standards when fitting our LPG/CNG systems.
The software running in our controllers is automatically updated via the Internet, giving workshops access to its latest version.

Marketing materials for download: logotypes, corporate identity book, EuropeGAS  dealer support.

Autoserwis Księżyno – Europegas Manufacturer`s  service

Autoserwis Księżyno is the only SsangYong authorized dealer Car in Podlasie.

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With presence on almost all continents, we do not only learn different product-related requirements and needs, but can also discover other cultures and outlooks on life.
We provide up-to-date titbits from our company life as well as guidelines for fitting and using our LPG/CNG systems.

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